Tourism Business

Universal design is good for business


About one third of Australia’s population are directly affected by disability, either personally or through a family member.* In Australia the total tourism expenditure attributable to people with disabilities is about $8billion per year or 11% of the total market.** So what’s wrong with this picture?

Now obviously there is a lot more detail that needs to be studied in this area but it really got me thinking – just how many tourism venues or attractions had I been to in the last year that were truly accessible? And more than this, how many tourism operators can successfully and honestly set out to market and attract this sector? Clearly if  33% of people are affected by disability but they make up only 11% of the market spend I start to wonder if the difference is because of the type of holiday and leisure activities or are we just not providing enough tourism and leisure options that are properly inclusive or specifically created to be accessible.

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