“I want to see the big picture by diving into the underlying detail and understanding how the threads of everything come together and are intertwined.

I’m not looking simply at what clients think is required, I’m looking at what they truly need.

In this way everything I create for a client is strategically relevant to their end goal.”

Designer, Design Strategist and Master Planner

Philip Drake has been leading multi-disciplinary design teams and successfully completing major projects in leisure, tourism and attractions for over 30 years.

His overriding focus has been on developing exceptional and engaging customer experience using design, storytelling, technology and media.

Using unique Design Methodologies, Design Thinking, a broad multi-disciplinary background, and ongoing pursuits in Design Psychology, Philip has been engaged to help develop Theme Parks and Water Parks, Zoos and Museums, Airports, Railway Terminals, and other high-need, high-impact public spaces and facilities.

Philip is an enthusiastic advocate for the importance of Customer Experience development as a critical business strategy

Customer Experience

Philip is a recognized expert in Customer Experience Design and Design Thinking. He has consulted to numerous tourism and attraction businesses and been an advisor to the New South Wales Department of Transport. He was part of their Future Stations Planning Group and continues to be called upon as a customer experience expert for long range strategy and peer review committees.

He is also a committed promoter of better accessibility to attractions and leisure facilities for people with disabilities.

To date Philip has been recognised with many awards including for design, publishing, media and built environment.

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The physical environment is critical for any business that relies on customers to visit. But it takes more than just an interesting design and happy staff for customers to be satisfied, to return again soon and to recommend you to friends or family. It takes engagement and connection. It takes meeting or even exceeding value expectations. It takes exceptional customer experiences

“Design should never be just about change for the sake of it.”

Experience design must be about strategies that improve business outcomes. The business case for better design is undeniable. So everything we do starts with that end in mind – to improve our client’s business positon.

Specifically, better customer experiences, more dynamic environments, more effective communications and more intelligent user-centred design.

These are the physical elements that foster customer satisfaction and, backed up with strong service and a great product, bring customers back again and again.



We are creative problem solvers - and problems seldom have one cause or one outcome. This is why our process and methodologies provide for comprehensive analysis and integrated solutions.

We know that truly remarkable customer experience is not only about good design. It takes a collaboration between the service providers, the expectation creators, the physical environment, and the product on offer to align a round a singular customer experience vision.

So for each project, or each problem, we ensure a widely applied and coordinated solution that is singularly focused on more unique, more innovative and more effective outcomes.


Understanding customer needs is the first step. However the ongoing quality of experience is influenced by operational functionality and resilience, so we include administrative, customer service and maintenance staff in our list of users that need a more effective interaction with these environments. It needs to work for all users.


“There is good business sense in recognising a diversified market. Around one third of the population either has a disability, or has a family member, or close friend with a disability of some kind. So for one third of your potential market, your accessibility and inclusivity is on their radar”

We give incredible attention to gender, cultural and religious diversity. We actively promote accessibility, inclusive design and appropriate use of multiple language signage and international symbols.

Beyond this we are careful to consider age-based needs at every level including the very young and the elderly.


Beyond simply doing more things and having more memories, any kind of experience can be transforming. Frequently, experiences can take us from one place to another, from one mental or physical state to another. To start with one mindset and end with another.

So we must ask “Where do we want to take our customers?”. Not withstanding the ability for products or services to be tools, the purchase alone does not provide transformation. How then do we guide customers to facilitate the transformation.



I work closely with business across diverse sectors. While some specific needs differ, the goal is always the same: success projects and successful businesses.

success projects and successful businesses. Strategy and solutions that work best for my clients are based on achieving business goals - not just colourful pictures or trying to win awards. 100% of effort is about making clients successful.

You might be wanting to relax your customers or inspire people, entertain, communicate, thrill, enthral or sell some memories, I can bring years of expertise and a great passion for what I do.

The aim is partnering with you to achieve success

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I am dedicated to developing exceptional experiences and delivering high value attractions and facilities. Of course for these projects I seldom work alone.

Over 30 years I have developed a diverse, international and interdisciplinary network of experts, collaborators and creators.

With a focused expertise in customer experience I can engage people with locations, brands and environments, entertain, inspire, deepen communication, enhance empathy and help bring about attitudinal change.

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