WhiteWater World

We looked for all the icons of the Australian beach culture that really meant something, the things we could all remember from summer holidays. 

Out of this theming development came a style and colour palette that informed everything from the pavement to the lighting to the shade structures.

Atomiq was responsible for overall design including all facades and theming, colours throughout, all signage, design of unique shade structures and food outlets.

Project Overview

Atomiq was engaged at the outset to provide a design that would focus on theme and guest experience and would overlay all other works such as lighting and aquatics design. 

We set out to provide a water park with a high degree of amenity, ample shade and an engaging experience even when not on a ride. 

Starting with a celebration of Australian beach and surf culture we aimed to inject a few surprises and a touch of irreverent charm and humour as often as we could. 

We also planned colours that reflected an Australian vernacular: the intensity of the sun, the deep oceans, the landscape, the surf life savers, the beach umbrellas and the board shorts.