Visitor Experience Analysis - Sydney Aquarium


Project Overview

Prior to a major refurbishment we conducted a Visitor Experience Analysis for Sydney Aquarium.

Visitor Experience Analysis

We are frequently engaged to provide a Visitor Experience Analysis for existing attractions and public venues.  This analysis provides an audit of the current situation and how changes in design, communication or operations can make an impact on customer satisfaction levels. The analysis forms a critical background to strategic business planning early stage master planning.

In developing the visitor experience the core outcome is maximising return visitation and word of mouth advocacy.  Marketing messages may get visitors to come the first time, but you really want your visitors to be walking away wanting to come back soon and ready to rave about you to friends and family.



To achieve this, every aspect of the visit must be tailored to providing value, exceeding expectations and creating a positive memorable experience.  To get visitors to come back again and again requires development of the total experience. This total experience is a product of attraction, presentation, immersion, communication and fulfilment of expectations. These aspects must work together as a seamless package.

It is important not to separate major planning into segmented packages (curatorial, architectural, interior design, graphics, etc,) but to start thinking about planning the total package by focusing on the only element common to all things – the visitor and their experience. From this core need each development package when finally broken down can be part of an integrated plan towards a common outcome.