Over a period of time we provided design and overall strategy specifically for, approaches and onward journeys, ticketing, visual amenity and aesthetics, wayfinding and directional clarity, inter-modal connections, general signage and communication, auditory clarity, revision of decision making points, considerations of safety, security, food, luggage, comfort and well being, and numerous associated experiences.

We additionally consulted on the redesign of the passenger Information Centre including aesthetics, layout, and the way services were provided to the public.

The end result was a clearer, more pleasant and more engaging experience for passengers and all users. At the same time we were able to allow the historic features of this iconic station to again be revealed and enjoyed.

Project Overview

At Sydney’s historic Central Railway Station customer complaints were on the rise and there was clearly image and presentation problems. We were tasked with providing a Customer Experience Analysis and Improvement Strategy to dramatically enhance this situation.

The experience of entering the concourse, orientating to the environment, determining the necessary information, purchasing a ticket and moving in the required direction was neither clear nor pleasant. Additionally, wayfinding was confusing and somewhat buried under overwhelming visual distractions.