Atomiq strives to assist companies deliver exceptional experiences for their customers.

We work across a range of industries including tourism, transport, and government. We work with clients who rely on delivering exceptional experiences to their customers because they recognise that this is vital to better customer satisfaction, improved engagement, brand loyalty and active word of mouth recommendation. What can we do for you? 

WE develop your marketable assets & competitive edge

We develop your uniqueness, design landmarks and iconic structures and give you something to brag about. This may be through unique destination development, attraction or localisation strategies. This is all about getting customers to your door.

Differentiate from competitors.

Develop assets that feed new marketing initiatives.

Create features and landmarks that are recognisable and iconic.


we create rich, engaging experiences...we HELP make LOYAL CUSTOMERS


Customer experience is at the core of all our work. We apply strategies of design psychology, storytelling, communication, emotional and cultural relevance to create more engaging customer journeys

Promote extended stays, greater loyalty and the perception of enhance value.

Achieve a “WOW factor” and give your customers something to talk about.

Strengthen weak areas and build a strong end-to-end experience.

we increase return visits & word-of-mouth advocacy


The aim is to deliver cohesive, memorable experiences to your customers. To have them walk away raving about their experience, wanting to return soon and recommending your business to friends and family - that’s the end goal.

Develop customer loyalty and frequency.

Generate talk and make customers your best salespeople.

Give customers the ‘memory moments’ and tools to keep you front-of-mind.

we enrich brand values through engaging and immersive environments

At the point where a message needs to take a physical shape; an exhibit, visitor centre, retail space, attraction, facade, icon, entryway or landmark - we bring a strong resonance to product and brand with interactive and immersive experiences and clear accessible touch-points.

Enrich and deepen engagement across the entire customer journey.

Extend your core message into the physical aspects that represent it.