design as a business strategy

"Design should never be just about change for the sake of it."

It MUST be about strategies that improve business outcomes. The business case for better design is undeniable. So everything we do starts with that end in mind – to improve our client’s business position.

Specifically, better customer experiences, more dynamic environments, more effective communications and more intelligent user-centred design. These are the physical elements that foster customer satisfaction and, backed up with strong service and a great product, bring customers back again and again.


recognise diversity

"There is good business sense in recognising a diversified market."

We give great attention to gender, cultural and religious diversity. We actively promote accessibility, inclusive design and appropriate use of multiple language signage and international symbols. Beyond this we are careful to consider age-based needs at every level including the very young and the elderly.


its a partnership

"How can we help you?"

We work closely with all sizes of business including the very large and the very small. We know the needs are different but the goal is always the same: success.

You might be wanting to relax or inspire people, entertain, communicate, thrill, enthrall or sell some memories. Partnering with you to achieve success is our aim.

We bring years of expertise and a great passion for what we do, so contact us and let us know "how can we help you?"


who we are

Established in 1994, Atomiq Design is a diverse group of designers, architects, artists, strategists, researchers, communicators and business professionals.

We are and eclectic team of inquiring minds with diverse experience in destination and historical tourism, attractions, architecture, industrial design, interior design, communications, media, play spaces, transport design, hospitality, product development, arts, film, events and entertainment.

Ultimately we are about making better experiences for people and, in turn, better business for our clients.