The physical environment is critical for any business that relies on customers to visit. But it takes more than just an interesting design and happy staff for customers to be engaged, to return again sooner and to recommend you to friends or family. It takes engagement and connection. It takes exceeding expectations. It takes exceptional customer experiences.

Atomiq is dedicated to developing exceptional experiences and delivering high value through cost-effective attractions and facilities. With a diverse, interdisciplinary team and a focused expertise we engage people with locations, brands and environments, we entertain, inspire, deepen communication, enhance empathy and help bring about attitudinal change.

why are we different?

1. interdisciplinary.

Collaboration between our disciplines provides integrated and comprehensive solutions.  We are creative problem solvers - and problems seldom have one cause or one outcome. So by providing the majority of disciplines required for each project, or each problem, we ensure a widely applied and coordinated solution that is singularly focused on more unique, more innovative and more effective outcomes.

2. business based design.

Strategy and solutions that work and are based on achieving business goals - not just colourful pictures or trying to win awards. 100% of our effort is making our clients successful.

3. UNIQUE specialisation.

We are leading designers of experiential environments with long standing unique specialisations and industry experience.

4. comprehensively user-centric

Understanding customer needs is the first step. However the ongoing quality of experience is influenced by operational functionality and resilience, so we include administrative, customer service and maintenance staff in our list of users that need a more effective interaction with these environments. It needs to work for all users.